About NikaLuxe



Hi – I’m Nika, a Caribbean-American beauty chasing my dreams and working with brands, clients from all over the world.


Hi there! I’m glad you stopped by; let me introduce myself formally — I’m Shenika but I go by “Nika” for short.  Affectionately known as “Nika Luxé” (Nee Ka Lux-Aye) an American voice actor of Caribbean descent. I enjoy indulging in luxurious things, it doesn’t always mean the most expensive. It’s all about appreciating the finer things in life no matter how big or small. I’m also of the Muslim faith. Islam grounds me, I’m about shattering stereotypes and showing the world my talent. Muslims have long been excluded or misrepresented in media or Islamophobia. I hope that more shows, movies, commercials, etc. are incorporating Muslim characters who aren’t linked to terrorism or extremism. Casting who has more to their identities than just their ties to faith. It’s also important to showcase the diversity within the Muslim community. I’m passionate about what I do, and my portfolio of happy clients reflects that passion. I enjoy using my experience to help businesses promote high-quality products and services; my optimistic approach is evident in my work. I will always deliver on time and according to the brief. I’m eager to learn as much as I can about a company so so that we can develop a mutually beneficial, long-term working relationship.


Commitment, trust, communication, quality work, and helping others are essential to my work ethic. I hope to inspire others through my talent. I hope my clients find themselves enamored with delight, and happiness, as they listen to her voice-over, reads and creative work.  I’m enthusiastic about getting behind the microphone to capture the essence of each read and acing project goals.

Shenika brings a crafted and inspired approach to every project she works on, which is why her clients love her and why they keep coming back. ~ Client


I’m dedicated & passionate about my career path. A Medical College Student by day and a phenomenal woman at night. What I do: Podcast Host, Voice Actor, Narrator, Review Products, Shoe Model, Meditation Connoisseur, Love, Life & Wellness Coach, Brand Influencer. I’m a professional female voice talent. I have a distinct, honest, and compelling voice which is as versatile as it is memorable. I’ve had many years to fine-tune my speaking voice, which is a natural Caribbean-American tone, in fact, most people have trouble keeping me quiet! 


I’ve always enjoyed movies – watching them, curious about shoot locations, how they are made, and dreamed of starring in a film. So, after a lot of praying to Allah, pondering, journaling, weighing the pros and cons… I came to the realization that I wanted to be a Voice Actor and gradually make my way On-camera as an Actor. A natural born leader with a go-getter entrepreneurial spirit. For now, I’m letting my creativity shine through voiceovers and my radio show Allure & Explore and so much more podcast. You can listen to this podcast on


No aspiration is off-limits. I infuse every job with my distinctive voice and enthusiasm, bringing projects to life. When I step up to the mic, words practically jump off the page. Exercising my unique talent through a full range of services, offering DJ drops, radio ads, and commercials, plus longer-form narrations, brand ambassadorship, sponsorships, and audio books.  

In addition to voice acting. I create true crime stories, meditation, Storytime’s, ASMR on my YouTube channel. A relentless go-getter, versatile, and ambitious. I know there’s no such thing as “halfway there” when it comes to art. I’m driven to improve her skills and consistently exceed my client’s expectations. A social butterfly, my charisma is contagious; my smile is always on! I’m building my brand one relationship at a time, going above and beyond to foster a personal connection with each of my clients.

I am particularly adept at providing an honest and confident voice for your brand and getting the word out via social media and offering honest unbiased product ‘written’ reviews blog posts. With many loyal followers and satisfied clients within my portfolio, rest assured you’re in good hands. 

Experienced in broadcasting and online media where time is money and impact are everything. My voice is perfect for a limited time slot; I can make an impression within as little as a couple of seconds, an impression which lasts and is enhanced on every listen.

I’m passionate about what I do, and my portfolio of happy clients reflects that passion. I LOVE my talents, helping brands to promote quality products and services; my positive attitude is always portrayed in my work. I will deliver on time every time to an agreed brief. I’m always keen to get to know a client as thoroughly as possible, so we can build a mutually beneficial, long-lasting working relationship.

My work ethic is built on commitment, trust, communication, excellent work, and facilitating others. I hope to inspire others through my work, advocacy, philanthropy and femmehood. As you listen to my voiceovers and captivated by my creativity, I hope my clients are filled with excitement and satisfaction. I’m looking forward to stepping behind the microphone to capture the essence of each read and achieving project objectives.


So, if you think my background and skill set is right for your business, please get in touch with me to add pizzazz to your projects by using the online forms. I look forward to hearing from you very soon!