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Students across the country is calling on President Joe Biden to Cancel Student Debt. 


As a Medical College Student and continuing my education is an important part of life. When #COVID19 took over the world. This catapulted me to stay on course. It literally inspired me even more to be in a laboratory as a Scientist. Putting myself at risk to help others and find cures, research, etc. I love science, technology, and healthcare. The proper diagnosis is the backbone of saving humanity by giving the right clues for patient’s treatment.

I understand those risks when I decided to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist. I’m okay with that because helping people is a lifelong passion of mine. I remember hearing Bernie Sanders; a Senator form Vermont talk about cancelling student debt. People laughed at him and made snide remarks. He never gave up on this plight, eventually other democrats jumped on board and began warming up to this proposal. I thank Mr. Sanders for standing up for us students. Read more about the Senator thoughts here

Another thing is… If students plan on buying a house; mortgage lenders use debt-to-income-ratio against us. Even if our loan is in deferment. If we’re making our car loan payments to drive ourselves to school, work, etc. Again, the mortgage lenders look at these loans negatively. Despite car payments are PAID on-time each month. The debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is a metric used by lenders to determine the ability of a borrower to pay their debts and make interest payments. The DTI ratio compares an individual’s monthly debt payments to his or her monthly gross income. Basically, this is a key indicator that lenders use to measure a person ability to repay monthly payments and accumulate additional debt.

Until #CancelStudentDebt is in full effect many students have to work 1, 2, sometimes 3 jobs to survive. It’s astonishing if we want to have a better life and education in the United States. There’s a great potential that it could ruin our credit and put students in massive debt for the rest of our adult lives.

Parents and Grandparents who sacrificed and are still sacrificing to pay off these loans. Student debt payments have been paused for more than two years and the loan companies are doing just fine without them.

Adults have put aside starting a family because of these debts.

Student loans are predatory. This is a broken, rigged system meant to keep us in debt forever.

If cancelling the FULL debt is not an option, why not just the interest? Perhaps a set dollar amount? I want to see action on this Mr. President. A country of financially secure and educated people benefits us all.

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