Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is it’s a piece of narration not accompanied by an image of the speaker, in this case, me! I must admit, that last part is a crying shame because my face is precisely as beautiful and alluring as my voice! The slightly longer answer is; a voiceover can be as much as you want to make it. I’m a versatile artist, I can make your piece as long or short as you like. I can inject humor as easily as I can denote a more somber, formal message. Get in touch today!
Oh, so you want to put a smile on my pretty face? Sweet! Just know that tips are never required or expected. However, I'll happily accept a tip for a job well done. You can PayPal.me anytime! Paypal.me/nikaluxe
Check out my Demo page. I've included several audio projects to give you an idea of my voice range. When you decide you love my voice you may wish to check out Question 4.
Very easily! You may request a quote using my online form; it’s quick and easy to follow and is the first step in connecting your vision with my voice. From there on, I’ll click away on the calculator and give you the best and kindest possible quote. When you’re happy (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be!?) we can proceed with the exciting business of recording your voiceover and the boring business of settling payment invoices.
If I had to select a word for my rates, it’d be “friendly” – I always offer competitive rates but the actual quote will vary depending on the type of project we’ll be working on together, I always try and offer some economies of scale where I can – best thing to do is request a quote and I’ll work my magic for you on an individual basis.
Nice and easy, using PayPal in US Dollars – cheques or romantic poetry will not be accepted as payment.
Yes you can, please refer to FAQ #2 – if you’re feeling mighty generous you can click on the “Support Me” section of my website but generally speaking, I’m happy to offer this free of charge. I’m a kind and generous soul who’s very confident in her ability. So, I can offer a mini audition Demo which consists of a short recorded line of my perfectly pitched voice describing a fictional company, brand or service offering. Keep in mind audition will be one simple line changing the company name.
All the most popular formats; namely WAV, AIFF, and MP3 – sadly I cannot burn my recording onto 12” vinyl….yet.
I’ll need to know this so I can tailor your quote accordingly – there are licensing implications to consider in such a scenario both personal & commercial.
As you may have already learned, I’m a very kind soul but I’m afraid any amendments which require a re-recording will need to be charged at the appropriate rate in order to make sure you’re 100% happy. Of course, we are all human, and if I’ve made a mistake big or small (perish the thought!) I’ll happily correct it free of charge as quickly as I possibly can.
Let’s work together to make sure these things never happen. Through consultation, we can spell out any difficult to pronounce words, phonetically if needed, or using audio files so as long as we are on the same page when we begin, any errors on my part can be corrected if needed.
I'm presently a (very talented) Non-Union actor/voiceover artist but looking to book my first union jobs to become 'SAG-AFTRA' eligible too.
Boring stuff aside, the reason I need to know is the rates for Non-Broadcast usage and Broadcast usage are different due to licensing. A) Non-Broadcast voiceovers may be for telephone greetings, IVR, podcasts, eLearning etc. B) Broadcast voiceovers are the more familiar TV & Radio Commercial projects. Here are a few handy examples to help you decide which type of project you’re interested in: Listen to my Demo  
I’d love to be able to hand deliver your recording or send via personal carrier pigeon but it’s always quicker for me to email you the audio file or use Dropbox. The modern world is a marvelous place, isn’t it?
The most important thing you’re paying for is the compelling, dulcet tone of my voice, plus my considerable talent in making sure we hit your brief and market your brand. Aside from that (and what a bargain it is), there’s a small booking fee, talent fee, recording, licensing and editing fees to consider as part of the quote. It’s all in a day’s work, but guaranteed value for money.
That all depends on the size of the project; I love all things great and small so during the quote and consultation process we can talk more precisely about how long it’ll take to deliver your professional recording.
I. Add Royalty-free music – I have access to a wide variety of funky, soulful and romantic royalty free music which we can incorporate into your recording should the mood take you. Sadly, that doesn’t mean I can use MC Hammer but I’m sure we can find something even better! II. Proofreading – I’ll happily proofread your script for you, I know it’s not everyone’s strong point but I am a perfectionist with a great eye for detail. I’m not just a pretty voice! III. Add Royalty-free Sound Effects –Just like music, I’ve access to a great library of sound-effects too! IV. Files Separated – If it’d be more convenient for you, I'll gladly separate the audio tracks into multiple files per your specification – aren’t I generous? V. Scriptwriting – I know it’s hard to believe I could be such a multi-talented individual but I’ve got a lot of experience in the industry of voiceover recording, so I’ll happily help you write a captivating script to communicate exactly what you like.
Whew! If you’ve read all of the above. Kudos!