Love, Relationships, Infidelity, Healing, Intimacy Coaching Sessions with Nika Luxé

Coaching for Dating, Single Women, Men, and Married Couples. 


I’m excited to announce another service that I’m offering. Drumroll please, Love Coaching. I specialize in nonjudgmental and comforting sessions. Focusing on Life, Love, Dating, Infidelity, Marriage, Sexuality, Romance, and Relationships advice/guidance. No matter how overwhelming the situation might be or unappreciated you feel. You’re not alone. Let me give help you. I’ll be your Love/Life coach. You will receive unbiased, no sugarcoating, and advice to transform your life.

I love to coach women and men.

I’m passionate about inspiring and empowering women and men to have better relationships and to focus on their health and wellness.

Feeling lonely & stressed? Relationship on the rocks? Need guidance, or advice? If you need an ear to listen to you or a shoulder to cry on. I’m your virtual friend! Some topics I like to explore are Breakups/Divorce, Infidelity, Love/Relationships, and life in general. I’m an intuitive, outspoken, and empathetic person. I don’t sugarcoat, I won’t tell you what you want to hear. But give you my honest assessment of your situation. Helping you navigate this thing called life.


No matter how overwhelming the situation might be. You’re not alone.

★ I offer text and voice chat options per min rate charges.

★ New and Repeat clients incentives.

★ Sessions will be kept private & confidential.

★ My services are for adults 18+ and up.


Book a virtual session with me today!


★Text Chat Coaching Session★


★Voice Chat Coaching Session★



As your Love Coach:

  • I’ll mentor those to inspire and encourage you to reach your full potential.
  • Help you identify stumbling blocks and work on your goals.
  • Giving you tips, advice, and assignments to improve my clients’ success in love, intimacy/sex, dating, and relationships.
  • Coaching adults 18 years old and up. Single, Dating, and Married Couples on an enlightening journey.
  • Helping you own your truth; sessions to express your inner deep thoughts without judgment.
  • I’ll be 100% transparent with you.
  • After each session, you’ll have a sense of clarity and understanding.
  • We can have as many or as few sessions. No Pressure, ever!
  • BONUS: Allure & Explore Podcasts focused on the topics that I offer. Stay tuned for new episodes!



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I look forward to assisting you in your love journey,


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