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Product Review Services. Have your products tested and reviewed on Nika Luxe’s social media channels and blog. She will provide honest and thorough reviews related to beauty, fitness, make-up, clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, VoiceOver/Content Creator equipment, home décor, subscription boxes, and more. Nika is reliable and easy to work with and have an engaged follower base. After you send the product, Nika will be able to post the “Written” review on my blog within a few days (1 week or 2 weeks) of receiving/testing the product. Keep in mind it also depends on the product


Please read my full disclosure/privacy policy page.


Important Note: I don’t accept products as a form of compensation. I’m only accepting both payment and the product. I also follow the (Federal Trade Commission) FTC rules. All sponsorships will be disclosed to readers and followers. Thanks!

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