Fashion magazines always have a picture-perfect model you’re expected to emulate. Advertisements for beauty products show skin so perfect, make-up so flawless that nobody could ever achieve it on their own. When Nika was younger, she struggled to find her look, her style, her voice. Beauty and fashion magazines couldn’t hold the answer, because she discovered it was actually with her all along: Nika only had to be herself. Fun, quirky, flirty, and fabulous, Nika has decided to share her discovery with as many people as possible, so that they, too, can find their voice. Since embracing herself, Nika has found joy everywhere in life. Her bubbly personality and vocal talents have allowed her to spread across social media like an unconquerable wildfire.


Bring out your uniqueness with NIKA LUXÉ merchandise, a variety of colorful, and fun collections designed to allow you to be yourself and let your personality shine through. There’s nothing quite so good as looking and feeling your best, and the #1 goal is to deliver products you feel good about wearing. Whether for yourself or for a friend, NIKA LUXÉ is unique and designed to spark a conversation.
Bring your vibrant personality to the forefront or give a friend a fabulous gift that they’ll love to talk about. Each item tells a story, your story, and shows everyone that you’re not afraid to be who you are. Let NIKA LUXÉ help you find your voice so that the whole world can hear it.

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