Welcome to NIKALUXÉ.COM official website launch

Welcome to NikaLuxe.com Blog!

Welcome to my official website! I’m so excited to share my talent & blog with you. 🎉😎

Hi there! I’m Shenika but I go by “Nika” for short. 

If you’re reading this, I’m excited that you’re here. I’ve wanted to be able to connect with followers, fans, clients, and curious strangers for a long time. I will bring you thought-provoking content that will inspire, motivate and pique your interest. I invite you to subscribe and comment on anything that strikes an accord. With that being said; my blog will always be evolving, because I’ll be evolving like a butterfly.  

Some of my visitors might be familiar with my work already. Others are probably scratching their heads, wondering what’s going on here. And as my long-time clients already know, I’m never one to leave people hanging. 😄

This site may be a relatively new venture, but I’ve been around the online sphere for quite a while doing voiceovers, acting, running eCommerce stores and more. For me, what started as a passion has blossomed into a profession. But don’t let that fool you. I’m beyond passionate about my craft, and that shows in the quality of my work.

Clients who know me for my voice acting know that my voice is versatile. Whether you’re looking for warm, sultry, inviting, serious, sexy, or lyrical, voices with standard inflections, kid voice, country girl and valley girl accents or a sultry Caribbean register, I’m always more than ready to lend my voice to a wide variety of projects and brands. But what I bring is much more than just pure enthusiasm: I have a fully-equipped studio with professional equipment to back up those pure vocals. Whether it’s craft or technology, I’ve made sure to perfect my technique so I can give you what you want — and more than that!

What you might not know is that I’m just as versatile as my voice. Years of professional training and learning has brought me to the point where I’m offering far more than just voiceover services to my clients. Giving voice to your brand is what I do; now, I’m looking forward to lending you my expertise in other areas as well.

And that’s why I started this site. So that the people who appreciate the way that I work can reach out to me like never before. I’m always passionate about lending a helping hand (or voice) to my clients, and this is a way to do just that.

My services include:

  • VoiceOvers (Voicemails, TV/Radio Commercials, DJ drops, guided meditation, ASMR, video game apps etc.)
  • Acting 
  • Sponsorships 
  • Brand Influencer
  • Social Media Sponsored Posts
  • Narration
  • Product Reviews(audio equipment, high heels, jewellry, accessories, makeup, shoes, beauty products, clothes, subscription boxes etc.)

All of these are delivered with my standard warm professionalism. I’m a one-woman act who runs her own show, so you’ll get the kind of personalized service that you don’t get at big agencies.

Sure, NIKA LUXÉ is a brand, one that I’ve put a lot of work into. But when you work with NIKA LUXÉ, you work with me. I’m here to make your product and your brand work exactly the way that you need them to, and I’ve got the expertise to make things happen.

If you’ve made it this far, I can only imagine that you’re interested in what I have to offer (or intrigued by my charm?) If either of those is the case, definitely feel free to reach out to me on this site or comment below. Whether it’s queries, quotes, questions, or just general stuff that you’ve always wanted to reach out with, I’d be happy to help you out or chat, as always.

If you would like to get in touch, for general queries do so here. If you want to request a quote do so here.

Signing off,


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